When you’re a kid, all you want to do is have fun. Whether it’s skating, eating sweets, chasing girls, or building forts; you spend all day doing what you want. Because what else is there to do when you’re young?

There are no commitments or responsibilities; and the consequences of the choices you make go no further than that day. You don’t listen to people who tell you what to do. Because when you’re a kid, you know best – and fun is always best.

But as we grow up we bid farewell to those carefree days. When time was ours and consequences weren’t. When we would skate all day and into the night. When thoughts about our “future” went no further than what was for lunch, or if we’d get a trick at our favourite spot before we were kicked-out by the twenty-stone security guard rocking a long ponytail, short temper, and an incurable hate for skateboarding.

It seems the freedom we had as kids to pursue what made us happy has been somewhat sabotaged by our adult commitment to do what we need to do. However, there are those rolling freethinkers who have broken this mould – showing social norms the middle finger by not surrendering what they love for what they need.

And it’s these young eggs we celebrate. Not because they give back to a subculture that has given them so much, or even because they’ve pulled off the great swindle by making their work and passion coexist.

But because when it was time to grow up, they chose not to grow old.